Friday, March 9, 2012

The Old Man And The Sea Analysis Essay

In the story The Old  Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway I Think Its a good decision  that Santiago became a fishermen.  In the book it shows how he would not be good at Any thing except fishing.

My first quote is: “Fish ,you are going to have to die anyway”(94). Santiago said this as he struggled to catch the fish.It is clear that Santiago is mentally and physically drained .This means that if you have to give your life  why not do it fishing. This proves how much it really means to him.Most people in their twenty's would not even do this work  that is this hard, and he is also an old man. He has a strong  opinion on why fishing is so important and that's why he would give his own life. It also proves what fishing really means to Santiago.

This shows how Santiago is determined: “But remember how you went eighty-seven days without fish and then we caught big ones every day for three weeks”(10). The boy says this to Santiago reassure that is good at fishing. I think this proves he will wait very long to catch a fish because if that was me I would  have given up  after a day.One other  thing this proves about him is he Strong  willed  to keep trying. Even  though people don't believe in him  because he is made fun of by the younger  fisherman.

To be a fishermen you have to be brave “The shark came in a rush and the old man hit him as he shut his jaws”(114).I think this shows how he is such a brave man, he is crazy to fight a shark. I have never heard of anyone trying to fight a shark. If that was me I would have got my you know what out of their, I know that was the right thing to do but I would never try to get a shark mad but if your mess with Santiago you in trouble.

Santiago is a very strong  man and  he has to be for fishing “He took all his pain and what was left of his strength and his long gone pride and he put it against the fish...” (93). I think this quote is significant because he is fighting the fish. This quote provides the reader with a power full message  that fishing  is not just physical it is also mental.Santiago is a man who has devoted his life to fishing and he put everything into fishing.

The four quotes prove why Santiago needed to become a fishermen. He has devoted his whole life to fishing which has made him a successful fisherman.  Although he did not catch the one that counted he still put his heart into fishing and that makes a person successful


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

State Championship?

I think to myself why me why me. I’m only a freshman in high school. I should not be the only freshmen on the team. I know I’m good but that good? Coach must think I have a lot of potential if I’m going to be the starting goalie for the next four years. Four weeks later I’m about to have my first game of the season we are playing Oak hill high school there the best team in the state of Oregon. I do not want to let coach down but Oak hill is one of the premier high school’s for lacrosse in the  country.

 It’s the start of the last quarter we are up by one I just have to make a few saves and we will have are first win of the season all on me I can’t get too  excited they can some times  score at will. Lucky for me we have one of the greatest  defenses   in the state and in country. Ten minutes goes bye with out any shots on goal  there’s only  five minuets ‘oh no fast brake three on two I have to make the save for me and my team I do. There are only two  minuets left in the  until I win.  Yes the games over and we have are first win on the first game of the year so that means  were off to a good start  1-0.

I think to my self what’s next 10-0 okay Mark I say in my head I cant get to confident  something could happen  to me or my team. My friend Johnny  walks up to me  he is a  senior  and a caption  he ask if I want to go to a party with him its at this other kid on are teams house I say yes what the hell I should enjoy my self. Okay the party's at six so I have two hours  to get ready  Johnny  coming to get .I’m ready right when  six roles around  okay here's  Johnny. We hit up taco bell on the way ,we role up and  I see won of the biggest houses ever the kid that live here is frank.

So me and Johnny walk in together there's this one girl that say hi to me she is really hot. so I start talking to her   and we here a knock at the door  in the police they have come brake up the party so everyone  goes crazy and starts running out every which way. The police  arrest me  I guess that  I was under the influence. I think that bs  because I  have never drank I’m not stupid. I guess kids on my team are  so I’m going to get in trouble for what they did but I guess it’s my fault to for going to a party were there was drinking happening I just hope coach does not find out .
One week latter I’m suspend for the next nine games witch really sucks. My  team has a 6-3 record with the other goalie not bad I think I have to get my starting spot back. So I start to practicing   with other kids on my team  they shoot on me. Okay after nine weeks of practice  with the other kids on my team  I have  gotten to the  best lacrosse shape ever.

I’m ready for this practice  I have to show  my team they can count on me for the hole  year and in the playoffs I need to play consistent which the other goalie can not seem to do. That good for me  I have two hours left in the day and practice right after it’s almost like I'm counting every second in my head. Okay schools over now I'm out to prove something  I’m on a mission and I do it  so good. I going to the starting goalie for my team I can feel it. Okay we have a last game coming up until the  playoff start we are going to win it all. I mean a state championship the biggest of them kids sometimes never get to play in them its a grate thing if you do.

Okay are last game is over and its the start of the playoff we have a six seed out of sixteen teams  which is not that bad seeing how I missed nine out of are eleven games. Which were both wins for the record. I think we can do its, are first games against the twelfth seed. I think It looks good the team we are playing was team played in the last  game we won 11 to 2 it was an easy win what do  you know we beat them again 11 to 2.

Here comes the next round we are playing the fourth seed who was won of are lose but they have not seen me yet so they do not know what there dealing with. I hope to  beat them so we can go to the championship.Oh yeah we are going to the championship your never going to guess who we are playing  are rivals Oakhill we beat them the first game  but we got luck on are side.

It’s the championships  we have to win it’s the most important game I have ever played in my life for any sport. We have to win and  we did, we won with the final score  11-10 the game ended  in the second overtime that means were state champion it the greatest day of my life.

Monday, October 24, 2011

My ipod vs sleeping

What is most valuable to you? How do you put a value on something?This might sound funny to you ,but the thing that most valuable to me is sleeping.My Ipod is something that is not valuable to  me.I could  sell  it vary essay  to any one  so this are about my priced and Pericles items to me.I think that you can put a price on something by  if you like it and if you payed money for it.

Sleeping is most valuable to me.It is priceless to me because it`s the best part of my day.I get to recharge my “batteries”.One reason I have to recharge my batteries is because I have to go to school for six hours.Then I have parasites for football which lasts another four hours.Evan after I do those two things, I still have to go home and do chores. One  chore that I do that takes all my  time is  cutting the grass after that I need a lot of sleep.
Sleeping is my favorite  thing  throughout the day.After sleeping I wake up happy and energized.If I don`t sleep,I wake up moody and mope around.The worst thing about not getting a lot of sleep is that I get  headaches.Some times these headaches are so bad that I to take Advil
My ipod is something  that I could put a price on.Its a tool that helps me to workout.It may help me tho concentrate but in not valuable so I can get rid of it easy.If I had to I would cell it for about  50 dollars.
A solution for  me not having my Ipod  any more  would be to listen to the radio.I would listen to the radio because I have them all over my house and my dad always plays it really loud.I think it would also save my money  so I would not have to buy  any more songs on itunes.
This is why I can put a value on my ipod and , why I can not put a value on my sleep.I think  these are to good things to have but  my ipod  is not necessary to function as a person where  sleep is very important  to function.So  you need  your sleep and you do not have to  have an ipod.I think its good for you to  sleep!

The End!!!!!!